Individual Training

Always tailored to your individual needs, our training strives to help you realize your full potential. In today’s competitive environment, you are in a constant race to expand and grow in your required area, and we can help you achieve that. By focusing on transforming your thoughts, behavior, and actions into a series of success dragging changes, you will train your mind to set achievable long term goals and visions, develop a new way of envisioning your success, and learn how to achieve intrinsic goals.


Organizational consultancy & training

Our organizational consultancy and training program is always tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your structure and internal policies. We focus on designing and structuring your organization in forward thinking transformational way. Introducing concepts such as open book management, play spaces, and cross functional collaboration resulting in a modern, efficient, and motivated corporate culture that would allow your organisation to transform and grow as an entity.


We help you design an engaging curriculum, train teachers to inspire, and select the right digital and academic tools. We work with you to optimize the students’ progress, and thus the progress of your school. We work hand in hand with you to adjust and design coursework, evaluation, and classroom organization strategies. We also evaluate and provide recommendations to improve curriculum planning, individual lessons, and teaching methods at multiple grade levels.


We perform a wide range of highly technical and complex research and devise highly specialized research procedures by applying a knowledge of advanced research techniques and equipment. We asses and improve protocol development that can be a technical resource for other research personnel. We analyse and interpret the results of studies, investigate, and recommend alternative approaches to improve the quality of results, and train research staff in specialized procedures and theoretical concepts for unique tests. The Catalyst team also offers assistance in grant and funding application procedures.