Q What is a ’Free Field Assessment? What does it include?

A A Free Field Assessment is a “Check-up” for your organization. We will look at every aspect of your organization, and determine what can be done to ensure your organization is running at peak efficiency. Best of all it’s free! Contact us now to schedule a Free Field Assessment.

Q What will I get out of a consulting session with The Catalyst?

A At The Catalyst, we help you identify where the obstacles are in your life and/or organization and what you need to get them sorted.

Q How can you help my employees?

A We determine together the kind of solutions your organization needs following a field assessment. We can always guarantee improving productivity and satisfaction levels amongst employees at your business.

Q How can you help me?

AWe work on helping you find your purpose in life and allowing intrinsic satisfaction and happiness into it by introducing a series of changes into your thoughts and behaviours.

Q – How long does it take to start seeing results be it on a personal level or on a professional one?

A You can start feeling the changes almost immediately, however, a real change would require 3 to 6 months to emerge depending on the situation and the people involved.


Q How do you guarantee the results you talk about?

A Human behaviour is a well-established science. It can be monitored and evaluated, therefore any goals set can be reached through a detailed monitoring and evaluation process.


Q – Who do you work with within the organization?

A Change in an organization needs to start on the decision making level, development plans need to be delivered to HR departments, and trainings can be given to all concerned staff.

Q – What sets you apart from other consultants?

A We do what we preach in our daily lives and have transformed our own lives following the programs long before we suggested anyone doing it. We don’t fear change, do you?

Q – How many of your costumers reach their goal?

A All of those dedicated to believing and implementing our solutions.

Q What is transformation?

A Transformation is a process where a person or an organization change the way they approach their way of doing things by implementing behaviours and cognitions that reflect advanced levels of self-awareness and intrinsic satisfaction, promoting what every one of us seeks – happiness.