Direct and Indirect Anger…because there is more to anger than you know!

-by Ramzi Abou Ismail-


Have you been taught that it’s OK to get ANGRY at the right time with certain people? But then you find yourself always getting ANGRY at the wrong time with the wrong people?

Did you know that there is a direct and indirect ANGER? Do you know that the first can make you reach peace while the second can poison your life without you even knowing what’s going on? Do you get ANGRY at your partner, parents, and friends?

But with all anger you still don’t share what you really feel because you care too much for the relationship. You have been brought up to think sharing your true thoughts would destroy it. Then at a certain time you snap, lose it and start bringing up stuff from the past.

“You don’t listen to me.”, “You don’t love me.”, “You weren’t this hard on me.”

You fail to be specific and instead express a memory of a general experience like “I am not loved”. This leads to complications and you only then do you realize that they were right.

“I should control my ANGER and hide it, it was wrong to express it.”

The example I just gave is a form of indirect ANGER which is poisonous to your being.

Do you know why you are ANGRY?

It’s OK! Everyone does…the big deal isn’t ANGER, but rather why people get ANGRY and should they really control it? ANGER is basically you suppressing the truth about stuff over the years because that is how you have been brought up, that is how all of civilization has been brought up. Direct ANGER can be a very good emotion but what we mostly experience is indirect ANGER. That is because we have been brought up to LIE about how we feel, what we want, what is going on and worst of all about who we are!

If you feel that you have been indirectly ANGRY for a long time, or that ANGER is really causing you a lot of issues inside out,

If you are really ready to confront yourself and learn how to tell the truth because the TRUTH will set you free I PROMISE, start looking into Direct ANGER.

Direct ANGER basically means saying everything annoying you on the spot in a very detailed way preventing any means for misunderstanding or miscommunication.

When you speak the truth every time something goes WRONG or RIGHT there is no buket to be filled and no head to empty it on. Will Direct ANGER cause you to end Relationships? Absolutely, Direct ANGER will still cause you to end relationships and result in people walking out of your life, because not everyone can handle the truth.

So ask yourself this: what is more important – staying in a relationship that is unhealthy or saving oneself? I leave you to answer it…

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