Are you responsible for your life?

-by Ramzi Abou Ismail-


We live most of our lives believing that we are affected by everything happening around us, that our day to day events govern the way we live, as if we are what is done to us. The question is what if this is not true?

What if Responsibility is your Response Ability?

What if I suggested that events in your life need a response to make a result? What if I asked you to claim your power – your responses to the events in your life? Would that lead to different results in your life?

I believe so, I believe that while we may not be responsible for the events happening we are always responsible for our responses, and if this was an equation, the result of this equation is always the event in addition to your response.

Are you taking care of your responses?

Looking at the equation the way I am suggesting raises many questions, are you taking care of your responses? Are you considering how powerful you are every time you blame someone or something for what you do or say or for how you behave? Do you realize that you participate intentionally or otherwise unintentionally for every result in your life? Can you figure out now that you already know that, but never considered the case from this perspective? What are you pretending not to know then?

If I was more responsible for my life I would…

Think of that time you reacted to a situation or worse the time you didn’t react, if you were to be responsible for your life – your responses – what is it that you would have done differently? Can you tell that having acted differently would have led to a different outcome? I know that while my words or rather questions relate to many situations in your life, your defence mechanism is currently coming up now to ask: but what about my illness or my mother’s illness or me losing my job, how am I responsible for that? These all are events that you might or might not be responsible for depending on the case, since in many times it is our lifestyle and behaviours that lead to these events, nevertheless the point I wish to make, and the one thing I am most certain about is that you are responsible for your responses, and that makes you responsible for your life, make use of that, change the way you respond to events and remember your life reflects who you are!

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