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“Behind every great organization lies great minds, at the heart of every organization lies great cultures; this is our philosophy.”


We are a team of highly qualified organizational development experts, consultants, strategists, and trainers who have established experience across the field of organizational development and human capital development. We realize the complex nature of organizations and the challenges faced by employees. We have practical experience which makes us aware of and realistic about what we can do to make a difference in our partner organizations. We are committed to delivering quality services and our team works all over Lebanon and the Middle East.


The Founder
Ramzi Abou Ismail

Ramzi is responsible for strategically leading and executing The Catalyst. He is a transformational coach, speaker, business consultant and organizational behavior expert.

Ramzi imparts wisdom that can be immediately used and applied to help you take steps to live your best life. He provides practical and proved tools, skills and techniques to help you transform your mindset and behavior, inspiring hope, action and growth in your personal life, career and business. He works with entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve more success and results by improving visions, cultures, strategies and processes.

Ramzi has coached numerous high profile individuals in the Middle East, focusing on business leaders and academics. He delivered various trainings, talks and professional and personal development workshops that have helped many develop greater success.

Ramzi has a BA in Law and a MA in Psychology with a focus on Organizational Behavior. He is also a Canfield certified success trainer and coach, and a certified trainer on dialogue. He lives out his teachings in every area of his life. He is engaging, quick to trust, and high-spirited. His passion, honesty and authenticity drives others to dream more, learn more and do the unthinkable. His motto is: Your life starts the day you understand why you are alive.


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