Story time – How it all started

Years ago, our founder, Ramzi Abou Ismail, struggled to find his purpose in life, moving from one city to the other, shuffling from one major to the other seeking the ultimate success of humanity- happiness. After coming to the realization that happiness is but an intrinsic content, Ramzi decided that he has something to share with the world: help individuals and organizations find their purpose in life, leading them to their own version of happiness. It took a coarse two years for this project to see the light; forming a forward thinking team of agents specialized in transformation, Ramzi decided to name the agency “The Catalyst”.

The Catalysts is passionately dedicated to changing and transforming individuals and organizations to materialize the vision and goal sought after. Get ready to transform, grow and evolve.

Our Approach

By definition, catalysts are persons who precipitate a change or an event, they are the trigger and the induction causing a faster result. We are the inducers; we work closely with both individuals and organizations to meet goals, find purpose, build direction, increase productivity, set and enhance organization’s procedures and policies, develop and design an organization, improve skills, provide guidance and coach staff. Our team of professionals engages with our clients, our partners.

Our approach relies on combining research with our analysis of people’s thoughts, behaviors, and actions to help them progress. We observe, assess, recommend and enhance operations to achieve long-lasting end results. We are “The Catalysts”!

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